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:: 20. September 2019

An award for Prof. Otonkoski

INNODIA PI Prof. Dr. Timo Otonkoski receives the prestigious Albert Renold lectorship from EASD2019.

:: 17. September 2019

Innodia opened two more clinical centers in Italy

The staff was very committed and eager to learn and start up recruitment.

:: 09. August 2019

INNODIA is getting ready for the next chapter

Part of INNODIA’s goals is to build a clinical network of high quality...

:: 05. July 2019

Innodia wins the IMI project video contest!

Learn more about type 1 diabetes in our video.

:: 18. June 2019

Final visit of first participant recruited in the Study

Cambridge - April 1st was a very special day for INNODIA. Not because of April Fools’ Day, but because it was the last visit of Annabelle, a very courageous young woman, the first participant with Type 1 Diabetes recruited in the INNODIA study.

:: 03. June 2019

Special guests at our WP1 F2F meeting

Not only did we receive valuable feedback from all sites recruiting participants for INNODIA, but we also had the great pleasure to meet with Lorraine and her daughter Bérénice.

:: 21. May 2019

Shared islet networks in type 1 and 2 diabetes

Joachim Størling, Phd, Senior Researcher, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
INNODIA´s WP3 F2F meeting UZ Leuven

:: 16. May 2019

Viral protein detection and antigen presentation in Enterovirus infected beta cells

Zuzana Marinicova, PhD student at TU Dresden, was one of the speakers at INNODIA’s WP3 F2F meeting in Leuven last week. A lay summary of her presentation.

:: 03. April 2019

Engagement of people living with T1D and their families

Partners of INNODIA are accountable for a growing number of high level, collaborative papers, in our strive to discover novel biomarkers for T1D and achieving a better understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease, thus leading to a path for prevention and cure.

:: 28. March 2019

Recruitment network of samples for biomarker discovery in T1D

The INNODIA consortium is growing each year, with 15 clinical partner institutions who are responsible for recruitment of people with newly diagnosed T1D and first degree family members of people with T1D.

:: 14. February 2019

Milestone of 2000 recruitments in the INNODIA project has been achieved

We´re happy to announce that we are on track to achieving this goal !

:: 07. January 2019

INNODIA was present at the IMI networking event!

On the 14th of December, INNODIA attended the IMI networking event in Dudelange, Luxembourg. This international conference was organized by Luxinnovation and its partners, the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg, the Laboratoire national de santé, and the Luxembourg Institute of Health in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI-JU). IMI-JU is responsible for the funding of medical research projects such as INNODIA.

News 2018

:: 20. November 2018

INNODIA continues to grow!

3 years after the official start of this 7-year project, INNODIA participants came together for their 3rd annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

:: 20. November 2018

INNODIA goes all in on communication!

With recruitment going at full speed and all of the centres active, this year’s meeting wanted to focus on the topic of retainment.

:: 13. November 2018

A novel autoantigen in type 1 diabetes has been found!

A team of INNODIA investigators of KULeuven has identified a modified form of the protein GRP78 as a novel autoantigen in human type 1 diabetes.

:: 30. October 2018

10 Years of Lighting the way

INNODIA and members of the Patient advisory committee attended a symposium to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Innovative Medicine Initiative

:: 23. October 2018

The Helsinki Biomedical Center was visited by the Patient Advisory Committee of INNODIA!

On Wednesday, members of the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) visited the Helsinki Biomedical Center.

:: 17. October 2018

IMI celebrates 10th anniversary!

The Innovative Medicines Initiative, the framework under which INNODIA runs, exists a decade!

:: 16. October 2018

A new milestone has been reached!

We are proud to have reached a new milestone! 500 new consented participants have been recruited to the INNODIA study since our last milestone in May.

:: 13. August 2018

Do pancreatic beta cells facilitate their own destruction?

study led by R. Mallone has identified the molecules presented by pancreatic beta cells that mediate their abnormal recognition by the immune system and lead to their destruction in type 1 diabetes (T1D). These discoveries change...

:: 16. July 2018

We were on ADA TV!!

:: 02. July 2018

Job Opening: PhD position in type 1 diabetes research

Prof Chantal Mathieu s research team focuses on the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes (T1D). Research areas of interest are in particular focusing on...

:: 02. July 2018

Frequent monitoring of c-peptide levels

INNODIA researchers from Cambridge have developed a method to monitor what happens to the ability of type 1 diabetes patients to produce their own insulin over time, at home. They asked 32 children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes to collect a drop of blood at home on a filter paper card, also called ‘dried blood spot’, every week, in the first year from diagnosis.

:: 02. July 2018

Full day meeting at King’s College in London

Last Tuesday, around 60 nurses, clinicians and researchers from 12 different European countries gathered for a full day meeting at King’s College, London, to discuss the progress on the INNODIA clinical study. Members of the communication team, representatives of JDRF and the Patient Advisory Committee also attended the meeting.

:: 13. June 2018

New biomarker for T1D?

T1D scientists have been trying for a long time to find ways to measure changes to the immune system in the blood that could tell us what is happening to the islets and beta cells in the pancreas...

:: 28. May 2018

We have reached a milestone!

We have reached a milestone! We have recruited 1000 patients with type 1 diabetes and family members to the INNODIA study!

:: 05. February 2018

We are not all type 1 diabetic, but we are all ‘auto-immune’!

In an article published on Feb, 2nd 2018 in Science Immunology, INNODIA Investigators report that the self-directed autoimmune T lymphocytes that engender the islet destruction of T1D circulate in all individuals, whether diabetic or not, but reach the pancreas only in T1D patients.


:: 09. November 2017

New INNODIA publication

Discovery of a new tracer targeting pancreatic beta cells for non-invasive imaging of
human pancreatic endocrine cells

:: 17. October 2017


The members of the PAC have attended the INNODIA Year 2 meeting in Cambridge in September 2017...

:: 17. October 2017

Annual Meeting Cambridge

Almost 2 years after the official start of its 7-year project, INNODIA participants came together for their second annual meeting in Cambridge...

:: 21. September 2017

Substantial progress made

INNODIA publishes year 1 report

:: 14. February 2017

New video testimony for Innodia

New video testimony for Innodia initiative published by a 38 years T1D experienced person...

"Ariyana Salek is a 10 year old – she developed Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) at the age of 6 years old. Her brother Arman (7 years old) and mother Tracey have volunteered to join INNODIA. The volunteers give a small amount of blood to see if they have the characteristic antibodies suggesting future risk for developing T1D".

:: 11. November 2016

IMI-supported INNODIA reaches crucial milestone

First patient enrolled in the INNODIA European sample collection effort

:: 11. November 2016

INNODIA videos published

Find out who drives INNODIA

:: 01. November 2016

INNODIA First Annual meeting Oct 10-12, 2016

Nine months after the INNODIA kick-off meeting participants gathered for the first Annual Meeting from Oct. 10.-12., 2016 in Leuven, Belgium...

:: 01. November 2016

INNODIA First Annual meeting Oct 10-12, 2016

Nine months after the INNODIA kick-off meeting participants gathered for the first Annual Meeting from Oct. 10.-12., 2016 in Leuven, Belgium...

Prof. Chantal Mathieu, KU Leuven

:: 10. March 2016

INNODIA Kick-off meeting held in Frankfurt Jan 17th - 19th

More than 70 scientists have attended the INNODIA Kick-off meeting in Frankfurt/Main on Jan 17th – 19th representing the 33 INNODIA participants from academia, EFPIA and patient organizations...

:: 10. March 2016

INNODIA consortium launched on Nov. 1st 2015

INNODIA was launched on Nov 1st 2015 in response to the first call of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) under IMI2 by an international consortium including...

:: 10. March 2016

INNODIA consortium launched on Nov. 1st 2015

INNODIA was launched on Nov 1st 2015 in response to the first call of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) under IMI2 by an international consortium including...