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We welcome a new INNODIA Satellite in Geel, Belgium

12. March 2020

"As Type 1 diabetes consultants in UZ Leuven, Dr. Bernard Peene and myself receive first-hand information about the latest and most innovative therapies and Type one diabetes devises (different types of pumps & CGM monitoring systems).
Next to an optimal treatment and follow up of our patients with type 1 diabetes, prevention and screening of family members is equally important. The INNODIA project plays a very important role in this aspect.
Since many years, our peripheral hospital works closely together with UZ Leuven and we are very enthusiastic to help INNODIA including local first degree family members of type 1 diabetes patients in the project.

Our Type 1 diabetes patients are obviously worried about their close family members and the increased genetic risk they have to develop the disease as well. In case the family members test negative for auto-antibodies in the study, we can at least offer them some peace of mind. However, if they test positive, INNODIA can provide follow-up, early detection and treatment.
We hope that, by collecting blood samples and data, INNODIA can study the evolution of the disease in newly diagnosed patients and develop new ways to predict the risk for relatives for developing the disease and eventually find a cure for those already diagnosed."

Dr. Bert Eeckhout
Endocrinologist Ziekenhuis Geel