INNODIA and INNODIA HARVEST are reaching a crucial moment with 4 clinical trials up and running, remarkable research results and high level collaboration between all the partners involved. The webinar opens the Annual meeting of the INNODIA and INNODIA HARVEST consortia which will proceed with the plenary session the next day (closed to the consortia members only).  

This is a Webinar about what INNODIA does, where they are and where the project is heading, highlighting both the Natural History study and the 4 trials. The latest data will be presented as well as the outlook to the near future.

The event is intended for Healthcare professionals as well as researchers in the field of diabetes, but also the diabetes community and other stakeholders interested in the topic.

INNODIA is further along in the project than they thought they would be at this stage. Meaning this event is definitely a showcase of successes.

Important milestones to be reached in the upcoming months are recruitment targets of 750 newly diagnosed participants in the study and 4000 unaffected family members. Validation and transfer of novel biomarkers, discovery of integrated signatures of novel biomarkers, but also discovery of neoantigens in T1D and validation of biomarkers from the clinical trials.

The webinar will be presented jointly by Prof. Mathieu (KU Leuven) and Prof. Peakman (Sanofi). For details on the consortia and principal investigators see (details on INNODIA/INNODIA HARVEST selected principal investigators under

What does INNODIA mean?

Vad betyder INNODIA?

For Type 1 Diabetes patients

För patienter som lider av diabetes typ 1

For Type 1 Diabetes patients

Participant Spotlight

For patient relatives

För anhöriga till patienter

For researchers

För forskare