About Innodia


How academic researchers, industry
and patients collaborate in order to fight Type 1 Diabetes.

INNODIA is a global partnership between 27 academic institutions, 4 industrial partners, a small sized enterprise and 2 patient organisations, bringing their knowledge and experience together with one common goal: "To fight type 1 diabetes".  

The project runs under the framework of the Innovative Medicines Initiative – Joint Undertaking (IMI-JU) with a dedicated governance structure ensuring close interaction, communication and adherence to the objectives and deliverables of the consortium. Importantly, INNODIA is closely guided by the patients themselves, through the Patient Advisory Committee, consisting of a group of type 1 diabetes patients and parents, which give continuous feedback on the concept of INNODIA and development of protocols, and are crucial in disseminating the goals of INNODIA to the public.  

INNODIA will collect throughout Europe blood samples and data from newly diagnosed patients with type 1 diabetes and their first degree relatives. With these data we can study the evolution of the disease in these individuals and develop new ways to predict the risk for relatives for developing the disease and eventually find a cure for those already diagnosed with the disease.  

Novel research tools, making use of advanced technologies, already available or under development in the different academic partner institutes and pharmaceutical company , will be applied and aim to result in the identification of new disease biomarkers to predict the individual risk for relatives to develop the disease. Also, these biomarkers, which are factors that can be measured in the blood of each individual, may lead to the design of better and more personalized therapies.  

Thanks to the INNODIA research we will be able to better understand the relationship between changes in β-cell function, immune profiles, genetic and environmental factors and their role in the onset of the disease.  

A second major goal of INNODIA is to perform clinical intervention studies leading to novel therapies. Here again, pharmaceutical companies being part of INNODIA join forces with leading academic clinical researchers in the development of new therapeutic agents.  

Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic patients and their relatives are encouraged to participate in this study by taking contact with one of our Clinical Centers throughout Europe.  If you like to take part in this initiative, please consult our map to select a Center most nearby and complete the registration form so we can contact you.

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