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MELD-ATG clinical trial - one of the last participants treated in Hannover, Germany

21. November

Jette is one of the last participants treated in the INNODIA clinical trial MELD-ATG. Congratulations to this brave girl and all the Hannover Children's Hospital Auf Der Bult I team in succeeding to participate in the clinical trial! We are proud to share the message from Jette on her treatment day and wish her the best of luck from all the INNODIA family.

Hi, I am Jette and I live in Hannover, Germany. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the beginning of October 2023. In the first days of my treatment at the Children's Hospital AUF DER BULT I was offered the opportunity to participate in the MELD-ATG trial. Despite feeling initially uncertain due many unanswered questions, I decided to participate after consulting my parents, which helped me a lot through this phase and the study team. I believe that the study offers me the opportunity to ensure that my own insulin production works for a longer time and that I can help to stop type 1 diabetes at some point in the future. As one of the last participants of the MELD-ATG trial, my treatment started on November 14th, World Diabetes Day.