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Sweden joining INNODIA

14. October 2020

"We have just started recruiting newly diagnosed type one diabetes patients and their relatives. On October 9, we collected our first screening samples and many relatives are in line for screening, as we have not been able to screen properly since the beginning of summer. Screening of relatives is what we do and do well! And we will keep working to recruit as many relatives as possible.

The challenge is to recruit newly diagnosed in an effective way as our center is not directly located in a hospital setting. We are working towards establishing a stronger network with the pediatric and adult diabetes clinics at the hospital in our region. In the next few weeks, there are lots of clinic visits and meetings with nurses and doctors planned. On December 3, me and PI Dr Markus Lundgren will have a 30 min presentation for all the pediatric diabetes nurses in the Scania and Halland region. Ready to rumble."

Linda Ahlkvist
Study Coordinator INNODIA Sweden