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Recruitment network of samples for biomarker discovery in T1D

28. March 2019

The INNODIA consortium is growing each year, with 15 clinical partner institutions who are responsible for recruitment of people with newly diagnosed T1D and first degree family members of people with T1D. During INNODIA’s third year, 16 satellite institutions were added to the network, linked to original INNODIA partners. Satellite networks are now successfully running in both France, the UK, and Germany, meaning that the number of sites recruiting has doubled since the start of the project. Thanks to our growing network, to date, we have recruited almost 2000 unaffected family members, of which 130 are autoantibody positive, and other 230 people with newly diagnosed T1D, and these numbers increase each day. One of our sponsors, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, is particularly invested in this growing network of diabetes specialists that will outlive INNODIA. This trust has now doubled its original engagement, thus contributing to the sustainability of what INNODIA has accomplished. It has renewed its confidence in the projects by contributing a generous sum of 4 million USD on top of their initial subsidy. The network is a living entity with a large group of highly motivated clinicians, in particular the study personnel, diabetes educators and the families participating. Group events are organized locally and throughout the network.