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The Helsinki Biomedical Center was visited by the Patient Advisory Committee of INNODIA!

23. October 2018

On Wednesday, members of the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) visited the Helsinki Biomedical Center. This day was an opportunity for fruitful exchanges with Type 1 Diabetes participants to understand how they feel in the study, a subject which matters for the PAC and for further discussions with the leader investigators inside the consortium. Some new ideas for the website in order to have a closer relationship with participants were also discussed. Hopefully this can be implemented in the future. To be continued! 
This is the 8th visit to a center of INNODIA that the PAC has gone to. Previously centers in Chieti, Luxembourg, Katowice, Hannover, Paris, Cambridge, and Leuven had an interesting event that was attended by members of the PAC, and more will definitely follow!
In conclusion these meetings are important to maintain the interaction of the PAC with not only the medical staff, but also with the newly diagnosed type 1 patients and the family members that participate in the study. Thanks to these visits and the discussions that occur the PAC can see where there is room for improvement to maximize the participant's comfort.