InnodiaParticipant Spotlight

Real life experiences

Andrea, Silvia and Jacopo

4th of May 2022

"As the brother of a person with T1D, participating in INNODIA felt like a duty, a sort of gift to my family. I hope that my contribution, however small, can help research into this devastating disease, to give hope to future generations" Andrea, 41,
Unaffected Family Member

“When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it was a shock for me, but participating in the INNODIA project makes me feel part of a community that shares the same fears and hopes about the disease.” Silvia, 31 years,
Newly Diagnosed

"I am glad to be part of INNODIA, because I want to make my contribution to research on type 1 diabetes, hoping that scientists can find a cure, or at least new and better tools for an early diagnosis and prevention, which will benefit future generations. I do trust my doctors!" Jacopo, 36 years,
Newly Diagnosed