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Manuela Battaglia becomes Managing Director of the INNODIA iVZW

15. November 2022

Dr. Battaglia is an immunologist by training and became a scientist to transform patients’ lives. She spent 20 productive years in academic research focused on understanding the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes.

When she was Vice-Director of the San Raffaele Diabetes Research Institute in Milano (Italy), she decided to enter into a different path to reach a higher impact on patients and society. She then spent the following 4 years in leading managerial positions in international organizations focused on reducing the waste of talent, research, and funds in the biomedical field for the benefit of patients.
She will now capitalize on her scientific and managerial competencies to take INNODIA to the next level and reach its ultimate goal: tackling type 1 diabetes!

“INNODIA for me is a dream that comes true. I'm extremely honored to cover this important role in such an exciting moment for the field of type 1 diabetes. INNODIA is indeed going to be an absolute game-changer for all the stakeholders in the arena. As a matter of fact, in INNODIA:
  • Patients make their voices heard and they become important decision-makers in the drug development path;
  • Scientists benefit from data and biosamples access collected in the network to better understand type 1 diabetes and they find a fertile a supportive environment to transform their findings into therapies;
  • Clinicians enter into a certified network of clinical centers that can test experimental therapies in an innovative, standardized, and successful manner and they can offer alternative therapies to their patients;
  • Small biotechs and Startups find the appropriate setting and support to quickly and efficiently test their products;
  • Pharmas reduce the risk of their investments and find a network of key opinion leaders and experts that will support them in crucial decisions.
I couldn't dream of a better place to contribute with my competencies, enthusiasm, and purpose."


INNODIA iVZW has been established as a platform to access smart clinical trial expertise and data on an ability-to-pay basis. Founding members are the University of Leuven, King's College London, Medical University Graz, Hannoverische Kinderheilanstalt and Università degli Studii di Siena. With this iVZW, INNODIA plans to:
  • Expand quality T1D clinical trial infrastructure
  • Optimize the use of data towards personalized interventions
  • Share scientific and clinical expertise
  • Accelerate innovation and access to new therapies
  • Empower people and families living with T1D