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More time to reflect will lead to better insights

16. April 2020

As a PhD student, I mainly work from home nowadays due to the measurements taken by the government because of the coronavirus crisis. What a great opportunity to finally start writing my first article! Being able to write fulltime with no ongoing experiments, I wished for this, I guess it is even the dream of every PhD student that is about to start writing down their PhD at the end of the road.
I do have to admit, that I miss working in the lab, planning, executing and analyzing experiments and not to forget the company of my colleagues.
After two weeks of fulltime writing, I started seeing unanswered questions in my story and I got permission to do a few experiment to be able to afterwards finish the paper from home. For my experiments I got help from our lab technician (which means I have my working in the lab on experiments and company). To keep distance, we are using a chair on wheels to hand things over to each other.
I believe that the time that we get to reflect on our results, will result in better insights in the data that we create and eventually our knowledge on type 1 diabetes.

Aïsha Callebaut, PhD student KU Leuven