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Final visit of first participant recruited in the Study

18. June 2019

Cambridge - April 1st was a very special day for INNODIA. Not because of April Fools’ Day, but because it was the last visit of Annabelle, a very courageous young woman, the first participant with Type 1 Diabetes recruited in the INNODIA study.

Two years ago, Annabelle was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Even though she was still an adolescent back in 2017 and obviously shaken up by the verdict of having this chronical disease, Annabelle was smart enough to understand already the importance of the INNODIA research that had been introduced to her. Within six weeks after her diagnose, Annabelle bravely gave her consent, diligently underwent all necessary steps, and now finally completed the entire 24 months.

Two of our PAC member (Patient Advisory Committee) had the pleasure to interview Annabelle. Please watch the video of the event, which took place in the NIHR funded Cambridge Clinical Research Facility (CCRF) at the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS foundation trust Addenbrooks.

Needless to add that this feedback is extremely useful for existing and potential participants, as well as for our study coordinators and anyone else involved in the INNODIAgroup.

Thank you Annabelle and family for supporting INNODIA in discovering new factors to predict the risk of developing Type 1 Diabetes, new treatments and ways of preserving insulin production.