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Special guests at our WP1 F2F meeting

03. June 2019

At the WP1 F2F meeting last Monday, every INNODIA site in Europe got a chance to present their situation, their way of working, their difficulties & successes. The interactive character of the meeting guaranteed a great deal of very useful tips and tricks for all attendees to take home.
Encouraging conclusion of the WP1 meeting: The numbers of INNODIA participants keep growing and things are progressing very well. It’s obvious that the nurses, study coordinators and other partners involved in recruiting people in the project, are enthusiastic and all are moving in the same direction for a positive outcome.

In the afternoon, we had 2 special guests. Lorraine, mother of 8, lives with T1D herself. 7 of the children participated in the INNODIA project as undiagnosed family members (UFM’s). They did not have to think twice when asked about their motivation to be part of the study. Most of their lives, the children have seen their mom dealing with type 1 diabetes every single day. For that reason, they were happy there was something they could do to help INNODIA in the research towards a better understanding, treatment and prediction of the disease. Happy to add that all 7 children tested negative and do not need to be followed up!