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INNODIA was present at the IMI networking event!

07. January 2019

On the 14th of December, INNODIA attended the IMI networking event in Dudelange, Luxembourg. This international conference was organized by Luxinnovation and its partners, the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg, the Laboratoire national de santé, and the Luxembourg Institute of Health in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI-JU). IMI-JU is responsible for the funding of medical research projects such as INNODIA.

IMI-JU has always stressed the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in order to accelerate research and thus medicine development. It is therefore that this networking event was the perfect opportunity for the different groups to exchange their experiences, discuss the best ways to work together, and even form new partnerships. We are happy to say that INNODIA was well represented via both an information booth and a presentation about INNODIA by Prof. Carine De Beaufort, our partner in Luxembourg.

The theme for this meeting was ‘Medical data valorisation and sustainability’ with the key question being ‘How can the long-term use of data generated in the medical field be made secure, sustainable, and of the best benefit to the patient?’ Since INNODIA is a 7-year project and we are currently at the start of our 4th year, we also value this topic. How can we make sure that our samples, data, and knowledge remains usable after INNODIA? How can we guide our participants even after our project is finished? We are proud to say that we already addressed these and other related questions during our annual meeting in November and we continue to brainstorm around this topic. A possible solution would be a collaboration between INNODIA and other type 1 diabetes research projects such as is already the case for INNODIA and GPPAD.

To conclude, the networking event in Luxembourg was a valuable source of information that will help INNODIA move forward.