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Corona virus from a scientist perspective

25. March 2020

I work on basic research of type 1 diabetes in Dresden, Germany. Our university decided to close down all research labs to prevent employees from getting sick. Only exceptions are people who need to take care of experimental animals etc, only those can still go to work. For the rest of us it means that we can no longer do experiments that require laboratory space. We are however trying to use this time to catch up on analyzing data we generated in previous experiments, write our publications or think about future research! As for many people in different professions at this moment, it can be difficult to work from home as many of us have kids or elder relatives that we need to take care of or worry about. The situation also causes a lot of stress and uncertainty, which make it hard to focus. However, we should all try to stay positive and at least be grateful that we can spend more time with our loved ones :)


Zuzana Marinicova – Basic researcher in Dresden, Germany