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:: 16. April 2020

More time to reflect will lead to better insights

As a PhD student, I mainly work from home nowadays due to the measurements taken by the government because of the coronavirus crisis.

:: 14. April

How does someone with three hats experience COVID-19?

Markku Saraheimo is a healthcare professional, a patient and the father of a patient.

:: 06. April

Message from the PAC chair - Dr. Olivier Arnaud

Quite a strange period in our lives, not only from a personal point of view, but also worldwide, which leads us all to think about what is important.

:: 03. April 2020

PAC member turns to her sewing machine

COVID-19 … What was considered at the beginning as "flu", quickly turned into an extremely contagious virus.

:: 01. April 2020

No greater risk, if well managed!

In these days where COVID-19 fills the headlines, people with chronic diseases, such as T1D, have to be particularly careful to follow the guidance from the health authorities.

:: 27. March 2020

Worth fighting for!

Talking about the Corona virus makes me a bit restless.

:: 26. March 2020

Find your local sources about COVID-19

Some useful links regarding COVID-19

:: 25. March 2020

Corona virus from a scientist perspective

I work on basic research of type 1 diabetes in Dresden, Germany. Our university decided to close down all research labs to prevent employees from getting sick.

:: 23. March 2020

Message from Dr. C. Mathieu about COVID-19

A Message to the current situation

:: 23. March 2020

COVID-19! Say what?

We [Type one diabetes patients] hear it all the time. “Your immune system is not as strong as in a healthy person”, ”You are more vulnerable to pick up infections”, “you’re more likely to catch this”, “you have an increased risk to get that” …

:: 18. March 2020

INNODIA in times of COVID-19

As of today INNODIA decided to pause the clinical study until May 1st.